Chef Biography

Ryan DeConnick

Ryan DeConnick has loved food since childhood. His culinary style has been greatly influenced by memories made in the kitchen and over meals with his large, close-knit family.

After graduating culinary school in 2007, Ryan joined the team at Cameron Mitchell Restaurants. During his tenure, he’s spent time working at several CMR concepts, including M, Marcella’s and Molly Woo’s. Ryan was recently awarded the prestigious ‘Sous Chef of the Year’ award at the 2013 Cameron Mitchell Leadership Conference just before being promoted to executive chef at Molly Woo’s.

Ryan loves spending time enjoying delicious food and wine with his friends and family, who are always eager to sample his newest culinary creations. He also has some original dishes in his repertoire that people just can’t get enough of, like his chicken salad, brioche stuffed French toast and crab cakes.

Ryan attributes his success to being lucky enough to wake up every day truly loving his job.